Dinos Chapman: Luftbobler

The Art World Enfant Terrible Goes it Alone on His Industrial-Inspired Debut Album

Hyper-saturated, infrared shapes blur and reform in artist Dinos Chapman’s abstract music video for the track “Alltid,” taken from his new album Luftbobler. Named after an airy Norwegian chocolate bar, the album is the culmination of a decade-long experimentation with sound for Chapman, who rose to prominence with his younger brother Jake in the YBA heyday of the early 90s. Produced in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, its reverberating sonic soundscapes and techno pulse were inspired by such stripped-down, electronic influences as industrial godfathers Throbbing Gristle and avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Compiled using an Ableton sampler, Luftbobler subverts the usual analog to digital cycle. “It sounds really different on vinyl when it’s made digitally,” says Chapman. “It’s an odd reversal of the norm.” To accompany the album release, which will be available in all formats including a limited-edition of 300 hand-etched, gatefold vinyl records, the artist-musician created eight original short films, and “Alltid” was crafted using a surprisingly accessible format. “I made it using iMovie,” he reveals. “Everyone thinks it’s a thermal camera, but it’s just me pushing up the dials on the scale. It’s a film of my daughter playing in the waves.”


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