House of Peroni – Fabio Ianniello

Meet the gallery owner who showcases industry heavyweights alongside emerging artists in his Rome space

Inspired by a desire to curate exhibitions that provoke curiosity and conversation, as opposed to a commercial drive, Rome-based gallerist Fabio Ianniello reflects that, “the good and the bad thing about working with emerging artists is that I am not constricted by their selling potential, and I do not want them to consider this in their creative process. On the other hand, that makes this profession really hard to make a living out of.” Ianniello founded Unosunove Gallery in 2005 with a mission to support emerging artists, and has nurtured the careers of exciting new talent Jamie Shovlin, Gordon Cheng and Carla Mattii, as well as more established names, such as Mat Collishaw.

Curating and building some of the more ambitious works that new artists create can mean some epic productions. Ianniello recalls the early days of the gallery and an installation made by the artist Elin Hansdotti: “She asked me to reproduce the gallery’s ceiling in a specular way on the floor;” he says, adding, “It required four workers for a whole week and an endless amount of wood, paint and money.”

Citing Italy’s current cultural and political shift as potential fuel for a new generation of artists to take inspiration from, Ianniello sees echoes between the present and the radical past: “Italian culture, along with the whole country in its beauty and contradictions – both socially and political – has offered artists an infinite series of arguments and ideas on the base of which art can be produced. Just think about Pino Pascali’s work and the Arte Povera that arises as an oppositional movement to earlier art languages; not by chance is this taking place in years of such major social turmoil and revolt as the 1970s.”

When asked for a sage word to the new generation of artist, Fabio advises, “Success often comes late and cannot be measured in money.”


Published on the 30th of September: here

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